Calvary Chapel Young Men’s School of Ministry

We are preparing for our 3rd year in our Men’s School of Ministry which will begin January 30th.  We are currently accepting applications for students who are interested in being a part of our school.  There are many changes for 2017 and we are excited for all the Lord has in store for our school and its students.


Here is an overview of some of the subjects students will experience:

The Bible
This is our core teaching for our school. Students will gain a complete overview of the entire Bible, deeper studies in specific books of the Bible, character studies, daily New Testament reading, inductive Bible study, and more. Students can expect to grow in their faith, better know & understand their Creator & Savior, and feel confident in knowing the book that grows their faith.

Computers & Technology
We have brand new state-of-the art 2-in-1 laptops for each student to use in class. These 2-in-1 systems are tablets & laptops at the same time, running Windows 10, the newest Microsoft operating system and are equipped with various software applications that the student will be learning. In addition students will learn how to type and how to navigate the interent.

Driving & Automotive
Students can expect to learn the rules of the road, how to drive an automatic & standard transmission vehicle, and feel confident enough to pass the driver’s permit test in Uganda. In addition students will learn basic automotive maintenance to care for the vehicles they drive and spot issues that if not taken care of could turn into problems.

Money Management
One of the problems facing people worldwide is the lack of wisdom in how to manage their money. Our desire is to see our students educated in what the Bible has to say about money, how to save, invest, prepare for their future, and give. Knowing how to manage ones money is crucial to surviving financially in this world and not being stressed out all the time.

Community Outreach
Each person is given various talents and abilities by God Himself. It is our responsibility to recognize those talents and use them for the Kingdom of Heaven. We will help students to identify what their gifts/talents are and how to use them. In addition each student will learn basic evangelism techniques and how to share their faith.

If you are interested in applying to be a student for our 2017 school year, please save & review the documents listed below. Print the application, fill it out completely, and drop it off at our project along with 2 passport sized photos of yourself. Applications are due no later than November 30th, 2016.

Student Application

Policies & Information

List of items provided & needed